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Where will your next getaway in the Netherlands take you?
Where will your next getaway in the Netherlands take you?
Where are you going?
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Waking up with a coastal view
Staying overnight near the Dutch coast is a great way to enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh sea air. Sleep in the finest hotels at a high discount without having to compromise on luxury. Whether you want to sunbathe, walk, cycle or just enjoy the coastal towns, staying overnight near the Dutch coast offers something for everyone. Get a breath of fresh air by the sea, have fun!
An overnight stay in Amsterdam
Walking along the canals, exploring the 9 little streets and being a tourist on Dam Square. Sounds like the perfect day out in Amsterdam. For the full experience, top it off with a nice overnight stay in the middle of the city; with discounts of up to 70%! That's a proper deal! Enjoy all that Amsterdam has to offer.
Discover cosy Maastricht
In the hilly south lies beautiful Maastricht. The city on the river Maas provides the ideal day out for shopping, walking or indulging in culture. And would you like to round off your day out in Maastricht with a nice overnight stay? With numerous hotels offering discounts of up to 70%, there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking for an overnight stay with breakfast or late check-out, staying overnight in Maastricht is definitely worth it!
Explore beautiful Rotterdam
Staying overnight in Rotterdam is a unique experience you won't soon forget. You’ll sleep in the best hotels with discounts of up to 70%, wake up with a full breakfast and are then ready to discover Rotterdam! Walk across the Erasmus Bridge, feast your eyes on the Euromast and discover all the cuisines in the Foodhallen. Book your stay in Rotterdam and benefit from high discounts, discover the best hotels in Rotterdam here!
Spend the night in bustling Eindhoven
You can feel the cosiness of Brabant when you walk through Eindhoven; a great city for a night out! From city centre hotspots to beautiful boutique hotels, you will find the best hotel deals in Eindhoven. And with discounts of up to 70%! In addition, many accommodations are centrally located so you can easily explore all the sights, shops and restaurants. See you in Eindhoven!

Rather head to Belgium or Germany for your next getaway?

Do you want to discover Belgium or Germany like never before? Book a lovely hotel equipped with all your luxury needs at Luxury Getaway and save 70% on your stay. This way, you can enthusiastically explore the most beautiful Flemish and German hotspots and sleep like a log in a beautiful hotel at night. Book the best hotel deals in Belgium and Germany with Luxury Getaway!