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Experience Belgium with Luxury Getaway
Experience Belgium with Luxury Getaway
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A night out in Antwerp
Antwerp is a beautiful city with many sights, activities and restaurants. With so much to see in 1 day, you’ll want to complete your visit to Antwerp with a lovely overnight stay. Whether you are looking for a romantic overnight stay for 2 or want to explore the city with friends, on Luxury Getaway you will find the best hotels with discounts of up to 70%. Be amazed by all the splendour in Antwerp, enjoy!
Discover the fairy-tale-like Brugge
Bruges is known for its romantic canals, cosy markets and historic architecture. The ideal city for an overnight stay! With numerous hotels offering discounts of up to 70%, there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking for an overnight stay with breakfast or late check-out, staying overnight in Bruges is definitely worth it!
Sleeping in Brussels
Want to unwind in a beautiful hotel after your day in Brussels? You can! Stay at the best hotels with high discounts and discover Brussels like never before. Complete your hotel stay with an extensive breakfast, late check-out or welcome drink. This way you can really make the most of your visit to Brussels. Enjoy!
Getting a breath of fresh air by the sea
Sun, sea and beach. That’s what a beach day is all about. Don't you want to drive home after such a relaxing day? We understand. At Luxury Getaway, you can reside cheaply at the Flemish coast with discounts of up to 70%. After sunbathing, you can settle down in a comfortable bed and look back on a day well spent. Discover the best hotel deals on the coast here.

Prefer The Netherlands or Germany for your next getaway?

Still got your eye on an overnight stay in The Netherlands or Germany? Book a lovely all-suite hotel at Luxury Getaway and save 70% on your stay as well. So you can explore the city and unwind in a comfortable bed at night. Book the best hotel deals in The Netherlands and Germany with Luxury Getaway!